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I want to tame a dragon


I can hold down the mouse button and I will never die, whenever you collide with the horizontal faces of the pillars you get elevated up and avoid a game over, if you fixed that and make the pillars have a longer distance between them and maybe add some sound effects then maybe it will be more fun and addictive 

I was about to write basically this exact review XD up vote for you!

Nice game!

but needs more improvment's

you can check my game from here if you would like to ^-^

great job 

Take a look at our game

rate it if you like it and leave us your comments and feedback.

Hey zaid The game is Fun i have some suggestions 


Add Sounds 

fix the sides of the blocks the ball gets stuck there

make the background move

adding Score/Meters 


than you for your suggestions

I will work to do all of this

enjoy playing

tray to play my other game and get me any suggestions for edit the game


tap any where to play in mobile phone or PC or MAC